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Benefits of a Staff Breakout Room

Is your workforce as productive as it could be? Employers are starting to realise that the time an employee spends at work has little correlation with how much they’re getting done and is more to do with how they’re being managed. According to the Australian Management Practices and Productivity Global Benchmarking Project, there’s a clear link between management and productivity, but Australian managers are failing to engage talent and creativity in this way. In fact, a recent survey by recruiter Robert Half shows that 87% of workers experience boredom and spend 6 hours weekly feeling disengaged, which reduces productivity, morale and profitability, and increasing staff turnover.


Reading about how the world’s most successful businesses manage their employees can lead you to believe you need to pull out all the stops (like major industry players Google and Amazon) to keep employees engaged at work – but who can afford to offer perks like an onsite gym and free juice bar? Thankfully, you don’t have to go that far. Why not just add a Corporate Breakout Room to your office space?


What is a Corporate Breakout Room?


A Corporate Breakout Room is a room in a workplace that provides workers a neutral place to take a mental and physical break from work. It can feature anything that you feel would make it easier for employees to take a time out, like a coffee machine, snacks and comfortable seating. It can also feature entertainment of any kind, with games being a popular choice for many workplaces.


Why Games?


A Corporate Breakout Room with games as its main feature is a popular choice in workplaces, and not without reason. The presence of simulator, arcade and tabletop games all offer a unique way for staff to unwind as well as hone important skills relevant to any workplace.


Researchers believe that gaming gives workers a chance to step back from work tasks and temporarily adopt a different frame of mind. Games can provide them with a social or emotional outlet for accumulated stress and boredom, and can also hone leadership and decision-making skills. As most games have a short duration, employees can take a micro-break from their work and receive a virtual boost in confidence, with most find it easy to return to work once a session is complete.


By encouraging workers to leave their seating positions at desks to stand and move about while gaming, you’re also helping them prevent stiffness and neck, back and shoulder pain. This condition is common among office workers and preventing can add to your workplace wellness strategies.


Getting started


Creating your own Corporate Breakout Room is easier than you think. Start by securing a room in your office and once you’ve furnished it, decide what kind of games you want. A good place to start is with a pinball machine, foosball, table tennis and pool table or a table top arcade of some kind. You’ll be surprised to find that outfitting this room is more affordable than you think, especially if you work with a single company like Reality Games Australia to make it happen.
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